The news I told you about some time ago was this; I’m changing domain, because I have started a new blog. I’ts not entirely new as you will be able to tell from the ridiculously similar name, however it is a different blog, and one that I’ve been working on for a long time, basically as long as I’ve ben ‘away’ from this one, yes, long indeed.

Right now, if you have a look at it you will probably see an unprecedented amount of photographs of myself wearing different ‘outfits’ as we’ll call them here. I doubt anyone has seen so many pictures of me at one given time, however this is what makes up my first couple of posts over there.

My plan for that blog,is, well, similar to the plan I had for this one ofcourse, with the difference being that I am actually going to execute the plan this time. I always planned on making this blog more serious, legitimizing it a little and that’s what this is going to be. I will ofcourse, continue to share my ideas and my inspiration, but as well as that, I will open up on my take on fashion and how ‘I do it’ basically, as well as writing. As I had said before, this blog was about life and about the creative side of life (ultimatelly my life and experiences, yes we tend to be egocentric that way), because without those experiences and opinions, I’d have nothing to write about, and no blog.

This blog:  Miportobello

Apart from the obvious .com, the only thing that has changed is the Y in my, for an I. This was initially because the original name wasn’t available, and didn’t pose any problem, seeing as I’m spanish and it just makes it more personal. Plus it is almost a statement of intent of my blog, spanish and english, as it will be written in both languages.

I honestly and truly hope you will enjoy it as much as you mught have enjoyed this one and more. From today on, that is where you will find me so if you are following me with bloglovin / google etc sorry for the inconvenience of changing it.

Thankyou. x



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After a long absence you would’ve thought I had given up on this blog. What’s more, maybe you thought it was over, done finito. Couldn’t be further from the truth. These past months have had me inmersed in something as much to do with this blog, as it has to do with something completely different.

arizona muse

As fresh as Arizona Muse or as old as the idea of a blog may be, what I’m trying to do will at least result in something : Inspiring.

And fun. For me to do, and hopefully, for you to read 🙂

 I decided to write now, because the idea of this new “project” seemed blurry and not-very-stable until not long ago, and I hadn’t wanted to announce anything on false assumptions ( I know, I know, I still haven’t announced anything, but hey, this is something)- at least now you know I’m still alive..

So there, thats it. And you might be thinking, Is that it?

The answer is, yes for now, but No, This Isn’t It-Its just news .


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Gordon von Steiner’s Wandering Eye Spies…Fashion Week’s Sexiest Women

I just had to share this with you. Not only because I’m a real fan of Gordon von Steiner’s work, but also because this gives a real feeling of a side of  fashion and originality that is only palpable in Fashion Week. In this case Fashion Week New York.




♥Fashion's Night Out.. Because what's more beautiful than laughing together?

♥ Fashion NIght Out


♥sept 11


♥ Elisa Sednaoui

♥anna dello russo

♥elisa sednaoui


♥anna dello russo


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So I would suppose the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory. IT’S ALL ABOUT RED. That’s right. I wanted to share some material with you that will give you an idea of just how big red is this year.

♥dkny s/s 2011

♥ from the your country

♥running through your hair (chanel iman for Flare oct)

♥ Karen Elson for Harpers Bazaar UK

♥ from an apple

♥ to a mug

♥ reserved campaign fall 2010 by Mateusz Stankiewicz

♥ Carey Mulligan for Vogue US oct

Has red hit you yet ?

x Patricia x

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HAppy Peace DaY !!!! :)

Hope this day was peaceful for all of you  and that happiness finds us every day.


I had this post prepared for yesterday(peace day) but my computer stopped working. No problem, I’m posting it now anyway as I wanted to share it with you.



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“Creativity takes Courage” (Henri Matisse)

There’s this thing I’m going to talk to you about.  It’s wanting something , and getting something. Two very different things if you ask me, however they do go hand in hand. Because when you want something you have to do everything in your hands to achieve it, or at least that’s how I see it.

So this is me, doing everything I can to make this blog work. Because that’s what I WANT ! 🙂 

They say September is like January when you’re talking fashion. Well I feel a bit like that too, September always makes me feel more like it’s a new start than January and the new year does. So here is my new start.

♥ wanna come with me?

♥ I want to bring you a lot of Beauty

♥Mona Johannesson by Jimmy Backius


♥ CREATIVITY ( Sofia Coppola by Peter Lindbergh)


And Much More !! 🙂

♥ Hanna S. by Dennis Golonka

Keep looking out for the next couple of posts !

I promise You won’t be let down 😉

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Let us let go and take a ride to a faraway land…

Hi everyone ! So- i’m sorry about my abscence this week, but I went to Manchester and spent a week or so there ! It was extremely exciting and I loved it so much. I actually have family there but I’d never been ! Anyway I meant to do a post about “jouneys” before I left, but here it is, because I feel with the summer here, it is quite adequate : )So-Here it is :

♥ any particular transport you prefer ?

♥ all ready

♥ Daria hitting the road

♥featured in vogue paris 2005

♥ let the wind blow your hair

♥i don't know if you've noticed-but most of the pictures i've chosen, are related to road trips.. 😉

♥ there's just SOMETHING about them...(vogue USA june)

♥there's all the excitement and knowing that you've given yourself to this trip,all of the way..

♥ I hope you were able to let go,and fly, like me,into a little voyage of your own

I hope you all liked this post. I want to do a short guide of what a trip to Manchester could be like, if you ever pop over there,with photos I took whilst I was there and everything. I’m really looking forward to that 🙂 .

See you soon    –  Patricia

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We can Walk Together and Hold Hands..

So,, I meant to write this post up last week, but I didnt really find the inspiration for it..well I did, but what I found I actually want to use in a post I’m working on based around “trips” which I didn’t want to post just yet.

♥ this is one of my mottos for this year,especially now that the summer is here

Well,,that, and also : DON’T OVERTHINK..because sometimes we think things through too much and we just suffocate ourselves, it’s been happening to me lately, so I just had to take up on this motto too.

♥ this is more of the image I think the summer should present itself as:peaceful

♥Lily Donaldson by Camilla Akrans ..and the water in the background..

♥ L.D.

♥i'm sorry but I couldn't refer to this picture in any other way: Merienda entre Los Naranjos

I took some photographs of the facade of Malaga the other day, when I was passing by, to have lunch with my mother, I might post some 😉

♥ I've been loving pictures that star white shirts : )

♥they look so fresh

I was about to write french instead of fresh but now that I come to think of it, there’s also a dab of frenchness to them isn’t there ?

♥ I've also been thinking about original touches for bedrooms

♥and daydreaming of summer palaces

♥romantic staircases¿?

♥ plunge yourself inside the sea


♥MORE summery pictures 😛

♥I think this photo is So cool . : )

♥hanging out with friends, out in the summer breeze..

♥ I just found out that my cousin is pregnant ! I think that makes me a sort of second aunt doesn't it ? 😛

♥ I have a couple more messages for you still 😛

♥I just found it quite funny how these books were "colour-coded"

♥ -How To HAve A Lovely DAy -

♥ aurevoir my friends

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“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance”

Quote by Bern Williams.


♥ be creative..oh,and get a hat !

♥happy seaside

♥ gisele ( I Love Spaguetti)

♥gisele again..and flowers..

♥ I really want to read a GOOD book : )

♥any recomendations?

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June Is Finally Here :D

I told You June was just around the corner..and here I am ! Once again 🙂 As I have been away for a long time I have prepared a Loooonng post for you that I hope you like 🙂

♥ and i did ; )

So exams aren’t quite finished yet, but almost 😉 I only have two to go now !! But thats good enough,and gives me enough time again to be able to start posting again,which I was dying to do : ) Because when I left, I had just started getting the hang of it I suppose .

♥ i hope you had fun,but not too much fun

♥ because the fun starts now.. Summer anyone?

♥ yes..Summer

♥ i need a hat : )

♥ Kate Moss for Vogue Paris june-july 2010

♥ and again../same editorial)

♥ not that I would ever get tired of her

♥ /same editorial )

After being “inside”..with exams for so long ,,all I want is to..

♥ Have Funn ( Lara Stone)

♥ in the sun

♥ all day

♥ all night

♥ eating icecream 😀 (Lara Stone by Horst Diekgerdes)

♥ Everyday is a new day : ) / elle italia june

♥ wake up with a LOT of energy .. have some coffee

♥ take a walk..on the beach

♥ zooey deschanel by ellen von unwerth

♥ and most importantly (comming from me,what else could it be? ) : Be inspired

♥ ieva laguna-russh

♥ little girls making garlands


♥ elle italia june

So this is the end of my post.. I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll keep visiting … 🙂 [ posts are gonna keep on comming ! ]

♥ I leave you with two pictures that have a very particular sense of light...

♥ lastly:: I've missed you

See You again soon !

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