My name is Patricia and I live in the south of Spain, a place which has it’s perks. I like feeling wintery when its winter and summery when its summer , making puzzles on a rainy afternoon, cuddling up..and laughing non-stop ( ha di ha )…I am a student and hope that in the near future  I will be able to do something related to fashion but for future remains a blur to me.


Why ?

Many of my friends asked me to create a blog…and thats how it all begun..thay got the idea into my head and from then on I didn’t stop until I finally created one…I suppose, with this what  I hope is to be an inspiration of some sort…this isn’t just a blog on fashion, but also on style, people, places,art..or anything that catches our attention for that matter.I hope that on this blog you will find something that will mean something to you !


November 27, 2008. About.

One Comment

  1. Tracy replied:

    I am adoring how awesome your blog is. Also — the Portobello Rd sign — I used to walk past that sign everyday on my way to school when I studied abroad in London. Your pictures makes me homesick — in a good way. 🙂

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