We can Walk Together and Hold Hands..

So,, I meant to write this post up last week, but I didnt really find the inspiration for it..well I did, but what I found I actually want to use in a post I’m working on based around “trips” which I didn’t want to post just yet.

♥ this is one of my mottos for this year,especially now that the summer is here

Well,,that, and also : DON’T OVERTHINK..because sometimes we think things through too much and we just suffocate ourselves, it’s been happening to me lately, so I just had to take up on this motto too.

♥ this is more of the image I think the summer should present itself as:peaceful

♥Lily Donaldson by Camilla Akrans ..and the water in the background..

♥ L.D.

♥i'm sorry but I couldn't refer to this picture in any other way: Merienda entre Los Naranjos

I took some photographs of the facade of Malaga the other day, when I was passing by, to have lunch with my mother, I might post some 😉

♥ I've been loving pictures that star white shirts : )

♥they look so fresh

I was about to write french instead of fresh but now that I come to think of it, there’s also a dab of frenchness to them isn’t there ?

♥ I've also been thinking about original touches for bedrooms

♥and daydreaming of summer palaces

♥romantic staircases¿?

♥ plunge yourself inside the sea


♥MORE summery pictures 😛

♥I think this photo is So cool . : )

♥hanging out with friends, out in the summer breeze..

♥ I just found out that my cousin is pregnant ! I think that makes me a sort of second aunt doesn't it ? 😛

♥ I have a couple more messages for you still 😛

♥I just found it quite funny how these books were "colour-coded"

♥ -How To HAve A Lovely DAy -

♥ aurevoir my friends


June 30, 2010. Inspiration.

One Comment

  1. Estrela replied:

    Hello!! Just want to say you that I absolutely love your blog… I feel sometimes the same as you:)

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