The news I told you about some time ago was this; I’m changing domain, because I have started a new blog. I’ts not entirely new as you will be able to tell from the ridiculously similar name, however it is a different blog, and one that I’ve been working on for a long time, basically as long as I’ve ben ‘away’ from this one, yes, long indeed.

Right now, if you have a look at it you will probably see an unprecedented amount of photographs of myself wearing different ‘outfits’ as we’ll call them here. I doubt anyone has seen so many pictures of me at one given time, however this is what makes up my first couple of posts over there.

My plan for that blog,is, well, similar to the plan I had for this one ofcourse, with the difference being that I am actually going to execute the plan this time. I always planned on making this blog more serious, legitimizing it a little and that’s what this is going to be. I will ofcourse, continue to share my ideas and my inspiration, but as well as that, I will open up on my take on fashion and how ‘I do it’ basically, as well as writing. As I had said before, this blog was about life and about the creative side of life (ultimatelly my life and experiences, yes we tend to be egocentric that way), because without those experiences and opinions, I’d have nothing to write about, and no blog.

This blog:  Miportobello

Apart from the obvious .com, the only thing that has changed is the Y in my, for an I. This was initially because the original name wasn’t available, and didn’t pose any problem, seeing as I’m spanish and it just makes it more personal. Plus it is almost a statement of intent of my blog, spanish and english, as it will be written in both languages.

I honestly and truly hope you will enjoy it as much as you mught have enjoyed this one and more. From today on, that is where you will find me so if you are following me with bloglovin / google etc sorry for the inconvenience of changing it.

Thankyou. x



July 5, 2011. Uncategorized.

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