So I would suppose the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory. IT’S ALL ABOUT RED. That’s right. I wanted to share some material with you that will give you an idea of just how big red is this year.

♥dkny s/s 2011

♥ from the lips..to your country

♥running through your hair (chanel iman for Flare oct)

♥ Karen Elson for Harpers Bazaar UK

♥ from an apple

♥ to a mug

♥ reserved campaign fall 2010 by Mateusz Stankiewicz

♥ Carey Mulligan for Vogue US oct

Has red hit you yet ?

x Patricia x


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HAppy Peace DaY !!!! :)

Hope this day was peaceful for all of you  and that happiness finds us every day.


I had this post prepared for yesterday(peace day) but my computer stopped working. No problem, I’m posting it now anyway as I wanted to share it with you.



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Let us let go and take a ride to a faraway land…

Hi everyone ! So- i’m sorry about my abscence this week, but I went to Manchester and spent a week or so there ! It was extremely exciting and I loved it so much. I actually have family there but I’d never been ! Anyway I meant to do a post about “jouneys” before I left, but here it is, because I feel with the summer here, it is quite adequate : )So-Here it is :

♥ any particular transport you prefer ?

♥ all ready

♥ Daria hitting the road

♥featured in vogue paris 2005

♥ let the wind blow your hair

♥i don't know if you've noticed-but most of the pictures i've chosen, are related to road trips.. 😉

♥ there's just SOMETHING about them...(vogue USA june)

♥there's all the excitement and knowing that you've given yourself to this trip,all of the way..

♥ I hope you were able to let go,and fly, like me,into a little voyage of your own

I hope you all liked this post. I want to do a short guide of what a trip to Manchester could be like, if you ever pop over there,with photos I took whilst I was there and everything. I’m really looking forward to that 🙂 .

See you soon    –  Patricia

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We can Walk Together and Hold Hands..

So,, I meant to write this post up last week, but I didnt really find the inspiration for it..well I did, but what I found I actually want to use in a post I’m working on based around “trips” which I didn’t want to post just yet.

♥ this is one of my mottos for this year,especially now that the summer is here

Well,,that, and also : DON’T OVERTHINK..because sometimes we think things through too much and we just suffocate ourselves, it’s been happening to me lately, so I just had to take up on this motto too.

♥ this is more of the image I think the summer should present itself as:peaceful

♥Lily Donaldson by Camilla Akrans ..and the water in the background..

♥ L.D.

♥i'm sorry but I couldn't refer to this picture in any other way: Merienda entre Los Naranjos

I took some photographs of the facade of Malaga the other day, when I was passing by, to have lunch with my mother, I might post some 😉

♥ I've been loving pictures that star white shirts : )

♥they look so fresh

I was about to write french instead of fresh but now that I come to think of it, there’s also a dab of frenchness to them isn’t there ?

♥ I've also been thinking about original touches for bedrooms

♥and daydreaming of summer palaces

♥romantic staircases¿?

♥ plunge yourself inside the sea


♥MORE summery pictures 😛

♥I think this photo is So cool . : )

♥hanging out with friends, out in the summer breeze..

♥ I just found out that my cousin is pregnant ! I think that makes me a sort of second aunt doesn't it ? 😛

♥ I have a couple more messages for you still 😛

♥I just found it quite funny how these books were "colour-coded"

♥ -How To HAve A Lovely DAy -

♥ aurevoir my friends

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“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance”

Quote by Bern Williams.


♥ be creative..oh,and get a hat !

♥happy seaside

♥ gisele ( I Love Spaguetti)

♥gisele again..and flowers..

♥ I really want to read a GOOD book : )

♥any recomendations?

June 11, 2010. Inspiration. 1 comment.

June Is Finally Here :D

I told You June was just around the corner..and here I am ! Once again 🙂 As I have been away for a long time I have prepared a Loooonng post for you that I hope you like 🙂

♥ and i did ; )

So anyway..my exams aren’t quite finished yet, but almost 😉 I only have two to go now !! But thats good enough,and gives me enough time again to be able to start posting again,which I was dying to do : ) Because when I left, I had just started getting the hang of it I suppose .

♥ i hope you had fun,but not too much fun

♥ because the fun starts now.. Summer anyone?

♥ yes..Summer

♥ i need a hat : )

♥ Kate Moss for Vogue Paris june-july 2010

♥ and again../same editorial)

♥ not that I would ever get tired of her

♥ /same editorial )

After being “inside”..with exams for so long ,,all I want is to..

♥ Have Funn ( Lara Stone)

♥ in the sun

♥ all day

♥ all night

♥ eating icecream 😀 (Lara Stone by Horst Diekgerdes)

♥ Everyday is a new day : ) / elle italia june

♥ wake up with a LOT of energy .. have some coffee

♥ take a walk..on the beach

♥ zooey deschanel by ellen von unwerth

♥ and most importantly (comming from me,what else could it be? ) : Be inspired

♥ ieva laguna-russh

♥ little girls making garlands


♥ elle italia june

So this is the end of my post.. I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll keep visiting … 🙂 [ posts are gonna keep on comming ! ]

♥ I leave you with two pictures that have a very particular sense of light...

♥ lastly:: I've missed you

See You again soon !

June 2, 2010. Inspiration. 5 comments.

I will be away for some time

♥ chaos vs. order

I haven’t been constant at all with my posts and I wanted to let you guys know why. My Life has been a total chaos these months with lots of thigs going on… but slowly its all starting to become steady again 🙂

My exams are comming up, and so until June ( I know it sounds like a long time, but it’s just around the corner ! ) I wont be posting on my blog. 😦

♥ books books and more books

 I wanted to make a post to let you know that I haven’t fogotten about you, that I WILL be back, and that I hope you’ll wait for me until then – ♥ .

♥ study study 😛

Whilst I’m gone, I would like you to do me a favour. Cand you do that ? 😉

♥ let your days be filled with love

♥ eat delicious food

♥ do lovely things

♥ most importantly-be inspired

♥ and remember that I haven't forgotten about you

♥ be happy : )

♥ see you soon : )


June is just around the corner ; )



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We were better off as animals

More and More Photographs for you lovelies that wait oh Sooo patiently 🙂



♥ Because it is STILL sunny every day


♥ Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween night !!



model power couple-sasha knezevic & anja rubik.3

♥sasha knezevic & anja rubik

model power couple-sasha knezevic & anja rubik.5

♥sasha knezevic & anja rubik




pale pink lipstick-must

♥love for pale pink


♥what was i saying ?..Oh yes ; pale pink...

Cintia Dicker 2

♥Cintia Dicker

Cintia Dicker 3

♥ Cintia Dicker

Cintia Dicker 4

♥ Cintia Dicker

Cintia Dicker 1

♥Cintia Dicker


french vogue nov.-Magdalena Frackowiak

Rosie Huntington (me gusta la manta)

♥Rosie Huntington

elle italia-Heather MArks

♥Heather Marks



♥white socks

Caroline Trentini for Vogue UK

♥My favourite photo 🙂

♥Bye Bye


November 2, 2009. Inspiration. 3 comments.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

♥ love those glasses

♥ love those glasses




♥ okay okay i know..but i can't get enought of it

♥ okay okay i know..but i can't get enought of it



♥ Snejana Onopka

♥ Snejana Onopka



♥ wedding (this is just breath-taking)

♥ wedding (this is just breath-taking)

♥ emma watson at the burberry show

♥ emma watson at the burberry show


♥ They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words(or something along those lines )

♥ They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words(or something along those lines )

 So today..only photographs ..

♥ dear Autumn..feel welcome

♥ dear Autumn..feel welcome

♥ Hope you all liked it

♥ Hope you all liked it

October 1, 2009. Inspiration. 4 comments.

HELLO; I’ve missed you quite terribly

Hello again..and sorry for my absence..my HUGE absence…Once that has been said ,I must say I’ve never really been a fan of new Year resolutions, I’ve always believed more in resolutions starting from September, for new begginings,or improving what we already do. In that resolution that i have in my head, almost like a ticklist, my blog is quite a big part, one that needs a Huge tick. My objective is to try and post at least once a week, and if im not doing so, please feel free to comment me and tell me  😀


All ready..I have lots of inspiration to share with you 🙂

♥ I miss my love

♥ I miss my love


♥Time to look smart

♥Time to look smart

♥ Get everything sorted out..

♥ Get everything sorted out..

♥ i adore

♥ i adore

♥ isn't this just Awesome ¿?

♥ isn't this just Awesome ¿?

♥ new issues to come back to ?

♥ new issues to come back to ?


♥ Aaahh..good friends. What would we do without them ?

♥ Aaahh..good friends. What would we do without them ?


♥ Gemma Ward....

♥ Gemma Ward....

♥ what my bedroom floor looks like right now.. :O

♥ what my bedroom floor looks like right now.. :O



♥ this photo has to be the best one I've seen of her..

♥ this photo has to be the best one I've seen of her..

♥ a passion of mine

♥ a passion of mine

♥ Gaspard..

♥ Gaspard..


 So ..maybe you’ve noticed, maybe not, it doesnt matter, I just wanted to tell you that you can follow me on Bloglovin if you wish !! Just look for it on the sidebar to the right 🙂


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